Spare parts

Spares and Product Support Statement

As part of our core values, Labinal Power Systems believes in striving for excellence in the service rendered to customers. As a partner/supplier to our customers Labinal Power Systems actively supports product spares and modifications but does not maintain design authority or PMA and is strictly limited to supporting these services directly to our OEM customer base. Product spares or modifications, requests for rework/repair and other types of similar product related requests need to be directed to the appropriate OEM for disposition.

Previous Snecma/Labinal Power Systems Product Directory

The following list of products were previously provided directly by Labinal Power Systems and may state such on the service bulletin, maintenance manual or other type of customer documentation. Due to growth and reorganizations they are now provided by other SAFRAN companies or their sub-tier supply bases.

Please contact the appropriate representative :

TPIS products: Passenger seat actuators, technical actuators: Automotive connectors (Europe): Aerospace connectors (USA):

Lighting spare parts : Generators :